Delic Sessions 007: Why technology isn’t killing creativity

Critics say that technology is compromising our ability to be creative but if used correctly, it could have the opposite outcome entirely. In Session 007 our panelists explore how technology and particularly creator tools like Delic are supporting artists to have more time to make their music.
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Delic Sessions 007: Why technology isn’t killing creativity

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17 Nov 2020, 17:00 – 18:00 GMT
Zoom Webinar

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The experimental composer, Holly Herndon,  has built an AI recording system called Spawn to help with her new album – 'Instead, Holly’s vision of the future is to make the human visible within the machine. On Swim, the last song completed for the album, the human and non-human members of the ensemble are at their most seamlessly, serenely unified. “They really occupy the same space,” she beams. It’s the pinnacle of years of research, and has already transformed their expectations for further projects. “Working with AI has made me appreciate the human body; we’re such amazing sensors,” Holly laughs. “Our eyes and ears and all this stuff you can’t encapsulate in a media file … it really makes you appreciate your own meat sack.”

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