Delic Launches Pricing: A Lifetime Offer

Updated: May 6, 2021

If you’re reading this, you’re likely already a member of Delic, or you’re thinking about membership. Since we only launched in 2020, you’re also among the first music creators to know about Delic.

Today we’re launching the first paid-for subscription option for our members.

We understand the realities at the moment for music creators. So we’ve decided to turn the first pricing option on Delic into the maximum possible discount for the first 1000 Founder Members, forever.


If you’re not up to date on what Delic does yet, head here.


If you create music, right now you’ll likely sit somewhere on a triangle between these three situations:

  • You had managed to make a full-time income from live music before Covid-19. Your job now doesn’t exist during this year of lockdowns, meaning a triple-whammy: you’ve needed to find other work, you’ve had no way to promote your recorded work, and you’ve had less time to work on new music.

  • You have a full-time income from writing or composition. You have seen a big dip in income, and have had a less vibrant existence being locked down. To balance this, you’ve had time to adapt your work to diversify into other sectors like music for games, in order to boost your earnings.

  • You had a passion for music-making pre-Covid, or were building up to the full-time dream. You’ve had time during lockdowns to both be more creative, and to think about how to approach making your work pay you enough to sustain your passion and progress.

Without any access to any revenue from live gigs since April 2020, Covid-19 has starkly exposed one common challenge to all three situations: the hostile environment for recorded music revenues for artists and composers.


Delic Founder Membership - a lifetime offer

Delic’s success, and the existence of a professional grade tool for music collaboration now and into the future, will come from the extent to which our members trust the work we do and find the Delic app useful enough to pay for.

We’ve already built the current Delic app with the active input of our members: we have conducted over 100 video calls directly with our members, finding out about each person’s work, opinions and unique insights about their situations in relation to the music industry.

Today we’re doubling down on this member-first approach to the design of Delic. We’re offering best-value membership for life to the first 1000 Founder Members.

What does being a Founder Member involve?

As a Founder Member of Delic you have the opportunity to tell us what you need as a music creator in the 21st century.

"Being a Founder Member makes me feel good and the interviews make me feel like I’m part of something that can change how future musicians produce remotely, little kick!"

- Philip Dawson, Founder Member


If you've not already had one, we'll have an initial feedback session with you on a video call, where we ask you about your experience in music, give you a tour of Delic and ask you for feedback.

We ask for a set of short surveys to be completed over the course of a year, to validate the themes arising from the feedback sessions.

We offer one-off, optional sessions with groups of Founder Members co-designing the product features with us.

Plus the Delic music industry newsletter, events and more that are offered to all members.

We also ask you to get active on Delic and invite people to get involved: there are opportunities for promotion and/or funding of your music projects through programmes planned for the coming months.

Doing research with our members has been a really positive process, but it’s not just for fun - it’s valuable work and it involves commitment from our Founder Members. So, as an early Founder Member you don't just receive a lifetime extreme discount for your involvement, but also (optional) growth shares in our company so that you can own a piece of the app you’re helping to shape.


Full info on the benefits and commitments of being a Founder Member are here.


You can head directly to sign up here for the lifetime discount - the offer will never be better!


FAQ: How many lifetime Founder Membership places are there?

The Delic Founder Member Lifetime Discount is limited: there are only 1000 of these discounted memberships. At the time of writing all existing members can become Founder Members, but this offer is available to new members too.

Who can claim a lifetime Founder Membership?

This lifetime Founder Membership is an option for existing members, existing Founder Members and new members. (For new members it’s now the only way to become a Founder Member).

Do I have to sign up for a lifetime Founder Membership to use Delic?

No. If you want to try Delic before you buy a lifetime Founder Membership, new members can still sign up to an extended free trial (expires August 2021). Anyone already on the trial can still use the app for free. Anyone invited by an existing member via the app can also join for free. All members are then free to switch to the lifetime Founder Membership offer if they want to - remember there are only 1000 discounted memberships available.

What about my shares? How does owning shares in Delic work?

The shares you are awarded are non-voting ‘growth shares’ - real equity in SuperRational Ltd, the company that develops the Delic app. The shares vest gradually as you complete the Founder Member commitments in year one of your membership (see here). Then you own these fully, regardless of whether you continue as a Founder Member for life. We work with digital company equity specialists who handle digital contract signing and make the admin process painless. As part of the Founder Member onboarding process you’ll be able to opt into (or out of) the share programme. If you opt out of the shares, you still qualify for the lifetime discount.

Once I’m in the app, where do I find the sign-up link for the lifetime Founder Membership?

Once logged in to Delic, find the green acorn icon beside your profile photo in your Delic space (beside your profile photo).

What if I don't complete the criteria?

£12 is the annual cost of Founder Member subscription. We won't ask for more for your Founder Membership in the year from the date you signed up for the lifetime discount. This applies for every subsequent year that you participate as a Founder Member. You need to have completed each full year’s Founder Member commitments for the offer to refresh the following year. The commitments aren’t onerous and there are benefits too beyond the low pricing (see here). If you don’t keep up with the commitments, you’ll have the option to revert to a standard membership, or downgrade (subject to availability).


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