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Updated: May 6

One of the most important elements of musical collaboration is sharing files. They may be parts, stems, samples, and even full projects created using Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). More and more collaboration is being done remotely, with everyone involved playing multiple roles - producers, players, engineers, mixers, editors, etc. Essentially, everyone involved has a recording studio on their laptops, and recording, editing and mixing have become more of a collaborative undertaking.

When multiple copies of a project are being worked on independently, it’s possible to end up with conflicting versions, and important changes getting lost. Particularly if collaborators are using file exchange services that are not designed to handle version control in a way that makes sense for music creation.

Using Delic along with your favourite DAW can make this process easier, and eliminate a lot of the headaches creators are facing at the moment. When it comes to DAWs, Delic is designed, as we say in techspeak, to be platform agnostic. This simply means that it will work with whatever DAW you happen to use.

How to share a Logic Pro project

If you and your collaborators are all using Logic Pro, it’s very easy to share files and projects using Delic.

First, start a new project in Delic. We’ll call this “Collaboration”

Once in the Work panel, click on the blue “+” button to add something to your project.

The upload panel will appear.

And now simply drag and drop the folder of the Logic Pro project you want to share.

And then click on the blue “Upload” button

Delic will take care of turning the folder into a .zip file and adding it to your project. Your collaborators can download the file by clicking on the downward arrow at the right of the interface. They can then unzip the file and open it in Logic Pro on their machine.

When you want to share changes that have been made to the project, it’s simply a matter of clicking on the up arrow at the left of the interface and dragging the project folder to the pane that opens.

Once the folder has been uploaded, you can add a comment to let everyone know what changes have been made.

You can also share audio files on their own. Once again, it’s simply a matter of dragging and dropping the appropriate files.

And, as you can see, Delic automatically recognises what types of files you’re uploading, and puts them in the appropriate category.

# Tips and Reminders for collaboration

As you’re collaborating keep in mind the following tips:

  • Stay in communication with your collaborators. Use Delic’s Task panel and comments section to let them know what changes you’ve made to your project

  • If you’ve added new audio files or samples to the project, upload the entire project folder

  • If you’re only using samples and MIDI, you only need to upload the new versions of the project file, not the entire folder.

The advantage of using Delic for all stages of the creative workflow from idea to release are many:

  • Delic manages all stages of the process from the spark of an idea to the finished version

  • Platform agnostic - use the creation tools you’re familiar with

  • All your assets are securely stored in one location - no need to manage multiple accounts with a number of different services

  • Access is limited by invitation per project so you only expose what you want

  • Versions are tracked from start to finish

  • Tasks can be assigned and tracked across all stages of the process

  • Ownership and attribution are registered along the way

Built by Musicians, Delic brings together the essential parts of a modern music business. Delic provides a cloud-based digital project organiser, automated rights management and an Artist profile hub to manage your tracks, share your music, and build your business. These are just a few of the highlights of the fully integrated platform.

Be one of the first to join Delic.

Delic is growing. To help make the platform the best it can be, we’re offering 6-months free membership for Founder Members*

If you believe you can:

  • Start a project on Delic

  • Complete a monthly survey

  • Participate in at least one interview (if called upon)

  • Refer 3 new co-creators / members over the course of the year

Then we would love you to join us.

What’s in it for me?

As a Founder Member of Delic, you will have your say in how the platform grows. You can also choose to benefit from our growth shares programme and own a piece of the company.

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