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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Today we’re launching Delic v2.0. And it's a big one - we're launching functionality that’s going to make your music life easier.

Our new transfer interface allows you to drop an audio file or DAW project anywhere on your Delic browser tab and land it in the right place in your Delic space with minimal fuss.

There’s been a lot of feedback from our Founder Members telling us how annoying it can be switching between different apps to get projects done, and that a disproportionate amount of effort goes into working together remotely, taking a lot of joy out of collaboration.

But when we’re asking creators to pay for Delic, they’re still tempted to stick with the work-arounds they know. After all, we’re only talking a few extra clicks, a bit of context-switching, losing track of crucial versions across storage apps and devices, sacrificing audio quality over messaging apps, and having to ask where that file is again and your project losing momentum…

OK we’re biased. But we think that eliminating the pain of remote working is worth its weight in creative flow. If you feel the same, Delic v2.0 will feel like paradise regained.

While Delic v1.9 Westray vastly reduced file ping-pong with the sharing feature, we're on a mission to eliminate file juggling with v2.0:

The new file transfer interface is sensitive to what you’re doing, so that, say you’re in a project's Work panel when you upload, that’s where it will be destined to land by default. While it’s uploading, you have the chance to divert the file to any other location or project in the app that you choose. You can use the same feature to move your existing work around inside Delic, or to share files, simplifying your workflow.

You can now leave files loose in your Dashboard to move later, or change a file from an Idea to an item of Work. By toggling the new work/idea icon on a file in Delic your file will change places accordingly in the background. (If you read between the lines here, yes, that means you can now upload files as Ideas, and Ideas are no longer restricted to URLs only.)

There’s more good news for different filetypes: you can now preview all kinds of media files, not just audio files, making ideating and working with visual artists and filmmakers easy.

v2.0 is smart, so when filenames or other distinctive metadata are similar to other files already in Delic, the system will ask you if something you’ve selected to upload is a version of another work, saving you additional hassle.

You can immediately share links of uploaded files, meaning you don’t need to double-handle a file when you already know you want to share it. In short, it’s a short process: one click* to take your file from desktop to a copied share-link.

*after drag-and-dropping the file onto Delic (which makes for quite a satisfying flow).

Meanwhile here's a recap of the new features in Delic v2.0 right now:

  • Context-sensitive uploading so files land in the right place.

  • Move file mid-upload to any other location or project in the app.

  • Upload files as Ideas as well as Work (Ideas panel is no longer URLs-only).

  • Move a file from Ideas to Work by toggling the icon on each file.

  • Preview different filetypes: you can now preview your image and video uploads as well as audio files.

  • Instant share-link creation from uploaded files.

  • Upload to dashboard: you can now leave files loose in your Dashboard to move around later.

  • Manage files (move, share and manage files already on Delic, as well as uploading).

Coming soon:

  • Drop an audio file or DAW project anywhere on your Delic browser tab.

  • Smart version detection based on similar filename or other similar metadata.

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