Introducing Delic V1.9 Westray

Updated: May 6, 2021

From unblocking your workflow to easing collaboration, Delic founder Ed Stack explores the latest feature updates available in V1.9.

Midia Research recently found that around a third of audio creators who use creative file management services (like Soundcloud and YouTube Creator Studios) are yet to commit their releases to digital distributors, such as Tunecore.

There’s clearly a big gap between the creative work you produce in the studio or on your DAW and the next steps, like remote collaboration, distribution and publishing. For new creators, overwhelm and indecision can fill the gap. For seasoned producers a barrage of admin tasks crowds in, as they try to hold down multiple income streams and a wide range of commitments, from passion projects to creative collaborations and professional audio assignments, across at least as many sites and apps.

Whatever the reasons, we know that this gap between the solo creative process and the release of a finished track is where many artists feel under-supported and work often stops happening.

Here's where the magic of Delic takes place.

Our vision is to unbreak the chain between having a strong creative idea and getting it out to the world in a way that’s gainful for you. Delic helps you to ignite your creative spark, save time, reduce stress, collaborate and get paid whilst staying focused on your own creative direction.

With Delic V1.6 we took a step forward in this mission, unveiling the first full application that allowed creators and their collaborators to share, discuss and manage their music projects in a dedicated digital space. Files could be uploaded and moved into different projects, and our attention to detail reminded members of hassles they didn’t realise they had - simply by removing them. There was no longer any need to add a version number to the file name as Delic provided orderly versioning, and collaborators using DAW projects could now share new versions without the repetitive and time-consuming file-zipping step.

Since V1.7, we have concentrated on improvements to the file sharing process that allows for quicker more connected collaboration as a team, as well as the ability to work with new people more easily.

In V1.8 we implemented sharing of a file when you invite someone to a project, whether they are already on Delic or not. You can include a creative brief or description of the file and they can choose whether to join your project with a little more of an idea of what it’s about.

With V1.9 we now reveal the first version of a public share, meaning you can post tracks quickly and anyone with the link can access it, whether that’s a finished work on social media or the transfer of a work-in-progress to partners or clients who work with different tools. You can manually switch off the file’s availability and get view, play and download stats for the file. Effortless limited edition digital releasing, anyone?

Delic V1.9 Westray also paves the way for two new features that will help you get your career off the ground in 2021, post-Covid 19:

  • a services module, where you can access services relevant to your work, and also provide services you’re skilled in.

  • a release feature that makes it easy to finalise works, including artwork, metadata and connection to next step services such as mastering, distribution, crowdfunding and promotion.

In the meantime, here’s a run-down of what you can do with Delic V1.9 Westray:

  • Share and discuss ideas

  • Unblock your workflow

  • Ease collaboration

  • Get release-ready



Delic allows you and your creative collaborators a private space free of distraction in which to post influences, ideas, reference tracks and inspiration. You can comment and create tasks based on these ideas and move into working on them together in the same project.

If you want to find out how to sing a musical idea direct into Delic from your phone, find out about a nifty hack here.

And if you needed a reminder of the importance of your work, part 1 of our series on creativity is also out now.



Delic contains an ultra-minimal cloud storage and project management system fit for keeping your solo work in order. Plan and track work to be done, version files rapidly and never lose the thread: the latest stem, master or DAW project is right there with all the ones before it, in the right order, and you can check off workflow tasks as part of the versioning flow.

Watch the tour here:



Collaboration is the heart of the Delic app.

You can:

  • Invite collaborators into a space designed for all the ways you work together: in-person or remote, real-time or asynchronous.

  • Automatically be credited for work you contribute.

  • Let team members credit themselves and each other for work done.

  • Organise and share out admin tasks as a team in an accountable and transparent way.

  • Discuss and edit files and credits at will.

  • Collaborate not just on audio, but on creative ideas, sharing sheet music, storing video clips and images, and managing promotional tasks (things you’d normally open up at least three separate apps for - and three+ file-transfer headaches...).

  • Form the right teams around different parts of the process, taking the noise out of finalising your work for release.

Working with DAW projects in Delic? These links will help: Cubase Logic Pro ProTools Ableton Live

To explore further, head to the interactive guide.



No more forgetting which version of ‘Final- final- no- this- is- actually- the- final- Master.wav’ is the right one.

Delic is an ideal place to consolidate your work and get everyone involved on the same page and up to date with the finished version of your project.

We’re just getting started evolving what an audio release can be with Delic. Before Covid-19 hit we conducted research about release management with our Founder Members, and will launch the resulting feature in 2021.

Right now we can offer you the quickest way on the internet to get your work ready to release: a completely flexible project management system that allows you to share and discuss ideas, collaborate on work, credit the team without any form-filling and lock down the business and creative sides of your finished work, in one place.

If you want to dive into the detail, here’s our Releasing How-To.


Delic’s founding members feed back to us with interview and survey responses and in return they get the product free for now, preferential pricing in future, and own a small piece of the company forever.

To help us even more than signing up and using the app, you can become a founder member too and be part of the making of

Be one of the first to join Delic.

Delic is growing. To help make the platform the best it can be, we’re offering 6 months free membership for Founder Members*

If you believe you can:

  • Start a project on Delic

  • Complete a monthly survey

  • Participate in at least one interview (if called upon)

  • Refer 3 new co-creators / members over the course of the year

Then we would love you to join us.

What’s in it for me?

As a Founder Member of Delic, you will have your say in how the platform grows. You can also choose to benefit from our growth shares programme and own a piece of the company.

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